The following classes are available to landscape contractors to receive CEH credits from the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s Board.  Click on the class name to register for a class.  You will go into our online store to purchase the class.  After you complete the purchase, you will contacted within 24 hours providing you with your log in information so you can begin the class.  The class is by default an online activity with communications options with the instructor.  If your technology does not permit online operations, a printed copy of the class can be mailed to you.  Be sure to call the number provided if you have special needs for the class.

Diversity in the landscape  4 CEH                                  elearning and your business plan  8 CEH
Gardenometry  8 CEH                                                      Hedges and Screens  4 CEH
Herbs in the Landscape    4 CEH                                    Lawn Substitutions, What’s that all about  4 CEH
Native Plants in Oregon Landscapes  8 CEH               Noxious weeds of Oregon  8 CEH
Plant Nutrient Production  4 CEH                                 Soil Chemistry  8 CEH
The many facets of water  8 CEH                                  Transplanting Trees and Shrubs  4 CEH

Landscapes for home weatherization 8CEH               Low Voltage Garden Lighting 4CEH

Raingardens 8CEH

Moss in the Landscape 4CEH 

Our NEWEST CLASS: Basics of Paver Installation  4CEH

Oregon Landscapers Contractor’s Board information on reporting Continuing Education Hours for license renewal.
When it’s time to report CEH (every other year; odd numbered licensees report in odd numbered years, even numbered licensees report in even numbered years), licensees will get their renewal form on which will be a table requesting they log their completed CEH. No certificates are required to be sent in (unless they are later included in a random monthly audit). If it’s not their year to report, no table will be included on the renewal form.
Approximately 60 days before your renewal date the LCB will mail your renewal form. If this is the year you are required to submit your CEH, you will find a chart on your renewal form to report CEH. Please list the courses you have attended within the two-year period prior to the expiration date of your license. Please do NOT submit any of your certificates with your renewal form. You will only be required to submit your certificates if you are selected for the monthly CEH audit. If the CEH chart on your renewal form is incomplete or does not show that you met CEH requirements, your renewal will not be processed.
If you have not completed the required hours then you may consider the following options:
1.  Complete the CEH requirement before the expiration date of your license
There are lists of pre-approved courses; both face-to-face and online options. You can also obtain CEH credit for volunteer or teaching. Once you have met the CEH requirement, submit your renewal form with the CEH table completed.
 2.  Request to change the status of the license to “inactive”
You still pay the license fee but do not have to meet the CEH requirement until you request to change back to “active”. You will find a box on your renewal form that you may request “inactive” status.  If a business depends upon your license to operate, this will automatically suspend the business license unless you also change the business license to “inactive” status at the same time. You will need to complete the inactive request form for the business. When you want to reinstate your individual license to “active” status, you will need to submit a change of status form and submit your CEH documentation. There is a fee to change either license back to active status.
 3.  Allow the license to expire
This decision affects any business that is depending on your individual license for the business license and will be suspended. To reinstate the LCP license to active status (note: a license can only be expired two years before it is considered lapsed and no longer able to renew), you will need to meet the CEH requirements, pay the late fees and license fees.  The associated business will need to pay a reinstatement fee to go from suspended to active.
Failure to comply with CEH reporting requirements could result in a Notice of Civil Penalty being issued for and your license will not be renewed until you are in compliance.

If there is a topic of interest you would like to have a class address, let us know and we will provide the service with certification from the state board.

Our prices are kept low by reducing such costs as travel and room rentals as well as instructor time is reduced.  The price of the class includes the online access fees and other fees.